Lancia introduces Pu+Ra design concept and new design language

29 November 2022
After years of rebranding Chryslers and other cars from Stellantis as Lancias, the company decided it is time to revisit its roots.

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  • Anonymous

Fearghast, 29 Nov 2022Or a beard trimmer, "made by Gillette".This could actually be more successful as a trimmer

Can't wait to drive a giant mouse 😍

  • Nobody

Now that's gotta be the ugliest concept I've ever seen. It doesn't even look like a car anymore, rather it looks like something out of star wars. Hopefully it has blasters as well

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2022Looks like a futuristic tv remoteOr a beard trimmer, "made by Gillette".

  • Anonymous

Looks like a futuristic tv remote

  • Anonymous

the video is a masterpiece! i just fell in love with lancia vintage cars!... what? that object shown afterwards is a car? i thought it was youtube advertisement for the next star trek film.