Tesla Cybertruck mass production pushed back to 2024

27 January 2023
It was supposed to happen in mid-2023, but won't.

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trucks are only popular in the US.it won't be an important vehicle elsewhere.hope tesla would be more focused on c-segment and b-segment cars for mass.

  • Anonymous

You couldn't figure that out?
If they are starting production of a brand new vehicle at a manufacturing plant that is only 1 year old and only building one other vehicle currently, did you think they would be at FULL production in a few months? Tesla didn't "move out production". It's going to take a year - at least - to get to full production.

  • Anonymous

I've had my pre-order in since the start. I'm happy to wait longer as I just bought an Audi Q7 so it'll be good to enjoy that for at least a while.

  • Anonymous

Not surprised anymore....