Xiaomi SU7 spied on a highway in China

20 November 2023
Here's what it looks like while it's moving, and covered in camo.

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  • big r

all about copy cat of other people....thats what they like to do ....bs

  • martin

I gotta say, that SU7 looks hella good from the back, even with all that camo nonsense. No surprise there though, 'cause the design is on point.

"switching lanes to get rid of the impromptu paparazzo, possibly driving at more than 200 km/h to achieve that"
meh. amateurs. SU7 should have drifted to the right and spin around in slow-mo, while pulling out a bazooka

It would be interesting to see how xiaomi would compete with the FSD.

  • sayabosanhidup

the front and back design is almoat perfect and so
waiting for a more perfect design before i buy one


At that price, choosing the Model 3 instead is a no brainer.