All-new Renault Master brings an EV version with 87 kWh battery

21 November 2023
The new Renault Master represents the future of multi-energy Aerovans. Connectivity, efficiency, range - the spec sheet reads as if it was a modern passenger car not a van.

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imo for anyone doing work an ev is a stupid joke
- expensive
- low range, real life range for any ev is much much lower than numbers they bs us with (wltp, whatevertp, etc) and very much affected by weather
- lack of fast charging and this is important, when i'm at work i can not spend hours charging as opposing to a 5 minutes refueling my diesel for another ~1000km range

and there other concerns, ev's getting into small accidents and going haywire because of messed up electronics (saw a taxi on internet from South Korea? slight hit from another car on the left side, the taxi accelerated by itself to max speed like 180hm/h and hit other cars). and fires and stuff
so hell no. i work too, i drive a 4x4 diesel suv as a work horse, i had 0 problems with it since i bought it 2 years ago and i would never buy an ev. i wouldn't use an ev even if they'd give me one for free. at least for work.
well maybe its different for big companies like amazon, i saw on yt they are using ev trucks. but who can compare with them?