First Impressions - BMW i4 M50

14 August 2022
BMW i4 M50 has been on the market since late 2021 and we finally had an opportunity to get close and personal with it and here are our first impressions.

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  • Gwen

I picked mine up in July and love it! I’m extremely happy with it and I love driving it. I got the metallic green with cognac interior.

  • Riverdawn1

I picked mine up two days ago and I am in heaven. Best ride ever. Handles like a dream. Rides like a cloud. Fast and furious luxury. I researched many e cars before selecting this one. I stepped out of a Genesis G 90 which I loved but I must say the i4 M50 has stolen my heart and my loyalty.

  • Anonymous

I’ll buy en EV when they make a convertible Tesla or BMW who will be first to offer a convertible

  • 123

no 22kw AC like all EQE (it's rival). sorry, bmw...
I can't wait 9 hours to charge my battery at home, go seek for public (5 times more expensive) DC chargers

thank you i will pass and get the EQE yes it's more expensive but also a little comfier too

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022Meh.It's an ICE platform, there are quite a lot of compromises.
But for a modern BMW ... it at least still looks like a car.
Those fake exhaust pipes are ridiculous, through. Too lazy to even design a proper plastic for EV version.

  • Anonymous