Nio's advanced NOP+ driver-assist software moves beyond Beta testing

Max McDee, 02 July 2023

Nio, the Chinese premium electric vehicle maker, has taken a significant stride forward by announcing the official launch of its advanced Navigate on Pilot (NOP) Plus driver-assistance software. After rigorous beta testing, the software is now prepared to accept paid subscriptions. This transition comes with the introduction of Nio's Operating System Banyan 2.0.0, enabling users to upgrade their beta version of NOP+ to the official one.

Beginning July 1, Nio is accepting monthly subscriptions for NOP+ at a rate of RMB 380, equivalent to $52. Alongside this, Nio is generously extending free access benefits to new vehicle owners. Over a six-month period, Nio's NOP+ Beta has been put to the test for 185 days, accruing an impressive total of 26,631,900 miles, with an additional 1,305,000 miles being added every week.

Nio's advanced NOP+ driver-assist software moves beyond Beta testing

The beta testing phase of NOP+ engaged more than 52,000 participants, helping Nio implement quick, iterative updates to the software. The newly minted official version of NOP+ also incorporates a new Bird's Eye View (BEV) and occupancy network perception model, aligning it with the technology stack found in Nio's Autonomous Driving (NAD) system.

The BEV perception architecture is designed to present a wealth of information, including dynamic models, road elements, vehicle tail lights, and turn signals. As per Nio, this detailed view of the vehicle's surroundings has resulted in a reduction of the degradation frequency by 80 percent, consequently providing a smoother NOP+ experience for users.

Nio's advanced NOP+ driver-assist software moves beyond Beta testing

In an ambitious move, Nio plans to expand the NOP+ software capabilities in the second half of 2023 to cover battery swap scenarios in highway service areas. It aims to eventually extend this service to battery swap stations across national highway service areas.

Nio's focus on continuous optimization of the assisted driving experience using the BEV and occupancy network awareness model is clear. As an incentive, users who are unable to receive the Banyan 2.0.0 CN release in a timely fashion will be awarded one month of free NOP+ access.

Nio ET5 Touring Nio ET5 Touring

Nio's new ES6 comes equipped with the Banyan version 2.0.1 CN software, while the ET5 Touring and new ES8 arrive with the Banyan 2.0.0 CN pre-installed. Furthering their commitment to customer experience, Nio had previously announced that buyers of specific models before certain dates would receive up to two years of free access to NOP+. Existing customers of Nio Pilot software are also in for a treat, with a guarantee of a minimum of five years of free NOP+ access should they purchase a new model of Nio's Banyan-based system.

As if that weren’t great news enough, Nio disclosed that all new vehicle buyers will receive a complimentary year of NOP+ use, with future expiration dates of this benefit yet to be declared.


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