Nissan might save Fisker with a $400 million investment

Vlad, 02 March 2024

Earlier today it emerged that Fisker's financials are in a dire state, with the company basically finding itself in a situation where it's hanging by a thread. The startup warned investors it may even go broke within a year.

And yet, it said it has a plan. One that involved new funds or a lifeline from another automaker. Now it seems like it's going to be both, for a new report from Reuters claims Nissan is in advanced talks with Fisker for a $400 million investment, which would undoubtedly save the upstart. The talks are so advanced that the deal could even close this month. The term sheet is ready and the agreement is currently going through the due diligence phase.

Fisker Alaska Fisker Alaska

In return for all that money, Nissan would get access to Fisker's Alaska electric pickup truck, which would be built at one of Nissan's US-based assembly plants starting in 2026. Nissan would build its own pickup truck on the same platform - it's unclear whether this means just a light rebranding of the Alaska or an entirely different model altogether, just using the underlying platform. Still, this would definitely help it move into the growing US electric pickup market.

Neither Fisker nor Nissan chose to comment on the story. Nissan's new alliance deal with Renault allows it to develop growth plans in EVs and software independent of the French car maker, and thus it's now allegedly scouring "many, many opportunities". Fisker has struggled to sell the Ocean SUV as high initial interest rates then turned into not so much demand after all. It aims to deliver just 20,000-22,000 Oceans this year. The Alaska could take it out of the slump in which the Ocean put it.


Reader comments

  • Eyan

Well that's kind of the point of the partnership. Build the Alaska at Nissan plant (and qualify for credits), and Nissan has their platform for their EV Pickup.

  • Tristan2

Even with a partnership and some cash, Fisker might still struggle. They don't have their own factory in the USA. However, if Nissan acquires them, they could potentially integrate their vehicle production into Nissan's existing US faciliti...



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