Nissan Skyline to be revived as fastback and SUV

Max McDee, 28 November 2023

Not often do we get to write about automotive legends such as Skyline, and when we do we approach the subject with the respect the coveted name deserves. The legendary Nissan Skyline, which has carved its name in the annals of automotive history, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. Nissan is resurrecting the Skyline as a powerful electric fastback and a cutting-edge SUV. Sacrilege for some, but Nissan has done it before.

Nissan Skyline to be revived as fastback and SUV

The Skyline's journey began in 1969 when it emerged as a result of Nissan's merger with the Prince Motor Company, the original creator of the Skyline. Over the years that followed, it evolved from a family sedan, and gained more power, culminating in the iconic R32 Skyline GT-R, which earned the moniker "Godzilla" after dominating the automotive landscape in the '90s. This beast of a sports car served as a precursor to the Nissan GT-R we know today.

Earlier this year, Nissan treated us to a concept electric proudly flaunting the GT-R clues. However, a recent report from the Japanese outlet Best Car Web has raised the stakes. The report suggests that the Skyline will be reborn as an electric SUV, and also as a sleek and stylish 4-door fastback.

Nissan Skyline to be revived as fastback and SUV

The electric Skyline SUV, slated to debut in 2025, is expected to be based on the Nissan Ariya platform and promises to deliver around 450 horsepower. What's intriguing is the possibility that it could be sold in the United States under the Infiniti brand, where the current Skyline is marketed as the Infiniti Q50.

Wait, what - the current Skyline? Yes, Nissan makes Skyline and it is an SUV - not the 2-door monster GT-R. In Japan, Skyline is simply a rebadged Infiniti QX55 and is powered by the glorious 330 hp VQ37VHR which was used as a blueprint for the screaming VQ38 we find in the GT-R.

The current Nissan Skyline on sale in Japan The current Nissan Skyline on sale in Japan

Back to the electric future - Nissan is taking the Skyline's revival is projected to boast an impressive 443 horsepower, with two motors - one in the front and one in the rear - providing four-wheel independently controlled drive. It's a bold move that showcases Nissan's commitment to embracing the electric era while keeping the Skyline's legacy alive. At least a bit.

This electric evolution aligns with Nissan's plans to electrify other popular models like the Juke and Qashqai, both of which will be produced as all-electric versions in the UK. With the addition of a Skyline fastback to its electric portfolio, Nissan aims to offer more variety to its customers and stay competitive in the evolving automotive landscape.

2025 Nissan Skyline will be an electric SUV 2025 Nissan Skyline will be an electric SUV
2025 Nissan Skyline will be an electric SUV

It's worth noting that Nissan's attempt at a Skyline crossover in Japan faced challenges competing with more affordable SUVs in its category and did not capture the hearts of traditional Skyline buyers. The introduction of a fastback version could provide a fresh and exciting twist to this iconic nameplate, especially in the electric vehicle era.

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  • Anonymous

I guess they just follow the step of Toyota on rebooting their Crown. Anyway I am preferring the fastback as a more relevant vehicle as a Skyline

  • Alita

I seriously hope this is false because if it is true, Nissan will not see 2050 on the rate that they are going. They are going to bring back the Skyline as the SUV and Sedan?? Did they not see the flake that Acura got for the Integra or Prelude? Even...



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