Nissan teases electric-powered R32 Skyline GT-R

Ivan, 28 March 2023

Nissan has taken on the challenge to build an EV prototype of the R-32 Skyline GT-R, or as it's affectionately known among its die-hard fans - Godzilla.

Nissan took to Twitter to proclaim the bold initiative, adding that it was created by an engineer that has great admiration for the GT-R, who recently joined the company and wants to make the legend electric.

It's likely that Nissan will put together a Frankenstein monster of a car with an electric drivetrain and the ICE-remnant tailpipe hanging on. The teaser video does feature a stock R-32 and truly non-electric engine noises. But if by any chance Nissan decides to make a real go at a proper electric concept R32 GT-R, then petrolheads will go wild.

The R32 GT-R is the third generation of the model, but is the one that started the real hype in 1989. It was a two-door coupe with a 2.6l twin-turbocharged straight-six petrol engine, which outputs 276hp and 353nm of torque through all four wheels.

The Nissan R-32 GT-R The Nissan R-32 GT-R
The Nissan R-34 GT-R

Nissan revamped the GT-R altogether in 2009 into what's now almost as iconic of a model in the R35.

Image credit: Wassim Chouak / Aachal


Reader comments

  • Gary

And the white one even a custom model

  • Anonymous

Those pictures are of the R34, not the R32. Not hard to be accurate...

Concept cars never get released. This especially will never get released.



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