Refreshed Aion Hyper GT comes with Level 3 self-driving

Max McDee, 29 February 2024

GAC Group has updated its Aion Hyper GT. The new version is exactly the same as its predecessor but adds Level 3 autonomy into the mix.

Priced at around $36,900 (RMB 259,900), Hyper GT is packed with three laser radar sensors, 12 cameras, six mmWave radars, an infrared night vision camera, and even a super-powered MDC610 chip for its "deep-learning control algorithms". In a perfect world, all this hardware should, in theory, be capable of handling complicated urban driving situations.

Refreshed Aion Hyper GT comes with Level 3 self-driving

GAC is very, very enthusiastic about its L3-level promises. They insist safety is the prime directive, touting redundant systems galore. But here's the thing about L3 autonomy – current regulations and technology aren't really up to the task. You might own a car with the capability but don't expect to legally leave driving entirely to your Hyper GT anytime soon.

The Hyper GT promises a decent range of up to 441 miles and claims to recharge with an additional 280 miles of range in a mere 15 minutes. On the performance front, it delivers 340 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in a respectable 4.9 seconds.

Refreshed Aion Hyper GT comes with Level 3 self-driving

Aion, the GAC subsidiary behind the Hyper GT, clearly wants to be a major player in the intelligent driving game. Their new NDA (New Driving Architecture) is supposed to offer limited L3 functionality sometime in April, with the ambitious goal of full L4-level self-driving by 2025. Bold. Maybe a bit too bold.

Lest you think they're crazy, GAC is sweetening the deal. Buy a Hyper GT before March 31, and you'll score a lifetime of free charging across China. That's a tempting offer, designed to get you behind the wheel of a car essentially promising a feature that may take years to fully materialize.

Refreshed Aion Hyper GT comes with Level 3 self-driving

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