Oppo and SAIC team up to offer car-smartphone integration

Max McDee, 24 August 2022

SAIC Motor is the Chinese state owned car manufacturer and it is the biggest of the Big Four - SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng and Changan Automobile. Just to give you an idea how big the company is, it sold 5.37 million cars in 2021. That’s 8% of global car sales for that year or nearly twice as many as Ford managed to sell.

SAIC owns many vehicle brands but the better known are Maxus (formerly LDV) and MG, SAIC manufactures VW, Skoda, Audi, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac for the Chinese market. Company has a joint-venture with Iveco to manufacture trucks and buses as well.

OPPO and SAIC are joining forces to create an “ecological domain” - a solution for vehicle/smartphone cross end integration. In plain English, the two companies want to create a new experience for car owners, whereby their smart car with help from their smartphone can enhance their lives through communicating with the largest IoT platforms and making good use of electronic architectures and software platforms.

SAIC Kun is the next generation autonomous electric car SAIC Kun is the next generation autonomous electric car

This is an obvious next step for both the companies, a highly integrated and human centered solution that will offer users a complete control of their connected lives through phone and car.

OPPO will combine its “Project Pantanal” with SAIC’s Z-one Galaxy, a full-stack solution which will result in a much safer driving experience - at least that’s what the both companies are hoping for.

The “ecological domain” will make use of discovery and connection capabilities through the widest possible reach of protocols, it will aim to connect existing and new solutions and devices. It will aim to establish a framework for hardware and software communications as well as a data transfer ecosystem.

This is part of official press release - dream big, right? This is part of official press release - dream big, right?

The new approach will mean that any phone, from any manufacturer, will be able to connect to any car and offer a full suite of services. The service will be able to run on any size of the screen and will deliver a uniform performance across many platforms. It basically is IoT on steroids with a pinch of Big Brother thrown in for a good measure.

Both companies have pretty much unlimited resources and this new solution will mean quick progress, we can expect to see first results pretty soon. The “eco domain” will mean that finally we will be able to do many more things without having to actually do them, all without having to leave the car or with just a quick voice command spoken quietly to our phone.

Alexa feels soo last century…



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  • Surface

coupling a mobile to vehicle will create an air dominance platform, its no good, you can couple key with a lock, or spectacle with a automotive and make it air superiority like product in system instead. An air dominance, Su-27(30m) is not as re...

  • Anonymous

The Big Brother part is the problem, with Xi likely to fill the role for life. Hopefully, the West will resist the temptation of cheap products in exchange for political penetration and influence by a hostile authoritarian power.

  • Anonymous




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