Watch Skoda announce its new logo, brand identity and Vision 7S concept live

Max McDee, 30 August 2022

Tonight at 19:00 CET Skoda will finally introduce its concept car, the Vision 7S. During the live event Explore More, the company will announce a host of changes to the entire brand. There will be a new logo, the brand identity is changing apparently as well and the product lineup and its philosophy will change as well. Call us intrigued!

You can watch tonight’s event here with us, get your popcorn ready and let’s see what Skoda has prepared for us:

We have written already about the upcoming Skoda Vision 7S and you can read all about it here and here. For now we have the photo of its exterior and some dark renderings of the interior. All secrets will be revealed soon.

Skoda announces big changes today - new logo, new brand identity and a new car


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