Smart #3 teaser reveals a sporty look

Ro, 29 March 2023

The Smart #3 is supposed to make its debut next month during the Shanghai Auto Show in China, while actual sales will commence by the end of this year. The vehicle is expected to arrive in Europe sometime in 2024. And to hype up for the model reveal, Smart shared a few images of the car.

Smart #3 Smart #3
Smart #3

The car is wrapped in camo, so some small design elements remain hidden, but the headlights and the tail lights are easy to spot. The sporty vibe is also hard to miss. Overall, the compact crossover SUV looks pretty slick.

Unfortunately, the company didn't share any other details, but a fairly recent entry in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology database has something for us. Dimensions are 4,400/4,542 mm, 1,844 mm and 1,556 mm - length, width and height, respectively. The wheelbase is 2,750 mm, which is the same as the Smart #1, despite the wider body.

Smart #3 Smart #3
Smart #3

The single-motor version should have 200kW of peak power, while the dual-motor option is equipped with the same 200kW electric motor on the back and a 115kW one on the front.



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