Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform brings Wi-Fi 7 to cars

Max McDee, 20 February 2024

Qualcomm, the chip giant that powers many of our smartphones, is determined to be a big player in the automotive world. The company unveiled a new super-fast connectivity platform designed specifically for vehicles.

This new platform, dubbed Snapdragon Auto Connectivity QCA6797AQ and supports the latest connectivity standards. You get cellular support up all the way to 5G, Wi-Fi 7 and the latest Bluetooth are part of the parcel, and the C-V2X and the precise positioning tech round up the tech.

Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform brings Wi-Fi 7 to auto world

In plain English, it all translates to much faster and much more reliable connections. Faster map downloads and more accurate traffic predictions - all the niceties we take for granted on our smartphones are finally making their way to cars.

Wi-Fi standards over the years Wi-Fi standards over the years

Qualcomm also touts how Wi-Fi 7 will usher in an era of connected car services - allowing carmakers to deliver software updates, offload data for diagnostics, and even offer temporary features or upgrades (those will undoubtedly have a price tag attached). While there's potential there, let's just hope it doesn't turn our cars into rolling billboards with constant pop-ups and annoying advertisements.

Wi-Fi comparison Wi-Fi comparison

Qualcomm's move highlights a significant trend in the auto industry: it's increasingly driven by software and tech, much like our smartphones. Automakers are scrambling to establish themselves as tech companies of the future. What remains to be seen is whether drivers will actually buy into it. Do we really want our cars to feel more like smartphones on wheels? Let's not forget that cars are first and foremost meant for, well, driving.

Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform brings Wi-Fi 7 to auto world

This new tech will most likely roll out sometime next year, and in a very limited number of vehicles to start. We could finally have a blast streaming the latest episodes of our favorite show, while the kids in the back enjoy their stuff - all while our car navigates autonomously through the picturesque countryside. We’ve heard that before, haven’t we?


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Lol, good luck with that, you might notice car manufacturers are not usually quality software makers, let alone they never like to make something as standard or share with anyone.

  • matt99

the super fast wifi is for the lack of lag when your car drives it self to the dealer or compound when you have gone over the allowed limit for littering or buying socks...

  • vi

What's why all sensors computers need to run open source and replaceable



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