Tata Motors shows off Curvv - coupe SUV concept

Ro, 06 April 2022

Tata Motors just unveiled its new concept coupe SUV - Curvv. The images preview not only the general design of the upcoming EV but also Tata's design language for other models to come. Tata Curvv is supposed to enter mass production in the next two years or so.

Tata Curvv Tata Curvv Tata Curvv
Tata Curvv

Of course, being a concept car, there's no way of knowing which design elements will be changed before actual production starts. However, the sporty design and cool LED curves around the back and the rear window are an interesting take. And even if small changes are made, it would still be a looker.

The interior is quite minimalist with two tablet-like screens on the dashboard. The HVAC seems to be touch-controlled while the gears work with a rotary-type selector. The steering wheel is an unusual one as well with blue leather on the outside and fabric on the inside to match the dashboard's appearance.

Tata Curvv Tata Curvv Tata Curvv
Tata Curvv

Tata Curvv will be based on the company's new Generation 2 EV platform but it will also be offered in hybrid and ICE variants. As of now, the company says it will be available only in India.



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