Tata Tiago scores 10,000 preorders in a day

Max McDee, 12 October 2022

Tata announced in an official press release that it has secured 10,000 bookings for its latest electric car. The Tiago.ev is a small electric car that was only unveiled on September 28 with a starting price of the equivalent of $10,300 or €10,800.

The company opened the order books for Tiago.ev on Monday and by noon yesterday the 10,000 orders flew by. It is partially due to the promotional pricing but not to take away from the success, Tiago.ev is a rather clever little electric car and clearly will be very popular with the public.

Tata Tiago preorders reach 10,000 in just 1 day

To celebrate its early success, Tata is extending the promotional prices for another 10,000 customers who will need an INR 21,000 (around $255) deposit to secure their order. First test drives will be offered from late December and deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2023.

Tiago.ev comes with two battery options - 19.2 kWh and 24 kWh. The smaller battery is paired with the 45hp electric motor with 110Nm of torque and quoted range of 250km. The larger battery pack comes with 55hp motor and 114Nm of torque and 315km of quoted range.

Tata Tiago preorders reach 10,000 in just 1 day

Tiago.ev can charge at up to 7.2kW from the wall socket, and it can be recharged using a DC charger, in this case it takes less than an hour to top-up the battery from 10% to 80%. Tata announced it will prioritize production of the 24 kWh version due to the majority of orders coming in for this specification.



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  • Indian maverick

Wow, thats really positive news, especially for the affordable segment..I am eagerly waiting for Tata Avinya or Tata Curvv to launch, would get my hands on either of them instantly, if Tata would launch them quickly by 2024 at around $ 30k !



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