Tesla cuts prices for in-stock models

Vlad, 23 November 2023

Black Friday is almost upon us - the day itself that is, the offers as you may know have started for weeks already - and while not labeling them as such, Tesla does have some deals out. Coincidence? We think not.

The company has cut the prices of its in-stock models in the US, and you can save up to $6,300 if you pick one of those. The highest savings are up for grabs for the Model X. Prices for in-stock Model X vehicles now start at $75,660. The Model X Plaid gets a lower price cut of $3,800, down to $93,190.

Tesla cuts prices for in-stock models

At the more affordable end of the roster, the Model 3 RWD gets discounts up to $2,700, with the most affordable vehicle having an asking price of $36,260. The Model 3 Long Range AWD's price cut is up to $3,300, with prices starting at $43,230. The Model 3 Performance gets a discount as high as $3,700, for a starting price of $47,420.

Tesla cuts prices for in-stock models

The Model Y's base RWD trim is $3,000 off, so you can purchase one starting at $40,910. The most affordable Model Y Long Range AWD listed is $46,540, and across the range the average price cut is about $2,500. The Model Y Performance is up to $2,700 more affordable, with the cheapest one available going for $49,870. The Model Y AWD sees a $2,400 discount down to $45,350.

Tesla cuts prices for in-stock models

Finally, the Model S is listed with discounts as high as $6,000, with the best price being $69,950, while the Model S Plaid gets up to $3,300 off.

Tesla cuts prices for in-stock models

Note that all of these prices are, of course, before federal and state subsidies. So you need to subtract the $7,500 federal tax credit, as well as any additional incentives your state may offer on top. Clearly, Tesla wants to move as much inventory as possible by year's end, and these price cuts may just help it do exactly that.


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Reader comments

You could make that comment about any car with a price cut. I'll take a 2-3k price discount. New tires are less than 1k.

  • Elon Bust

These are not Price Cuts, I bought my Plaid Model X in September for under $90K lol. Then they raise prices $5000 a month after to now give a “discount”

  • frankie0

These Tesla price cuts are a joke. Saving a couple thousand dollars on a Model 3 or Model Y? That's barely enough to cover the cost of a new set of tires.



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