Tesla cuts prices in key markets: US, EU and China get up to 20% discounts

Arena EV, 13 January 2023

While last year Tesla was struggling to match demand as supply chain shortages caused huge order backlogs, the final months of 2022 saw manufacturing outpace new orders. As a result, Tesla is now lowering its prices in key markets to shore up consumer interest. The US, EU and China are all getting deep discounts across most of the range.

Let's start with the EU and we'll use the German pricing as an example. The base version of Model 3 and Model Y are getting the deepest discounts, while the long range and performance prices are unchanged.

Model New price Difference
Model 3 €43,990 -12%
Model 3 Long Range €53,990 -9%
Model 3 Performance €60,990 -4%
Model Y €44,890 -17%
Model Y Long Range €54,990 -4%
Model Y Performance €64,990 -1%

In the US, the discounts also extend to the Model S and Model X. The two Model Y versions available here get the deepest discounts.

Model New price Difference
Model 3 $43,990 -6%
Model 3 Performance $53,990 -14%
Model Y Long Range $52,990 -20%
Model Y Performance $56,990 -19%
Model S $94,990 -10%
Model S Plaid $114,990 -15%
Model X $109,990 -9%
Model X Plaid $119,990 -14%

It's important to note that those prices are before the federal subsidies in the US. The Model Y now qualifies for the EV tax in the country, starting at $7,500 for the standard version.

When it comes to China, price reductions are highest for the base Model 3 at 14%, while Model Y versions get between 10% and 13% off.

Model New price Difference
Model 3 CNY 229,900 -14%
Model 3 Performance CNY 329,,900 -6%
Model Y CNY 259,900 -10%
Model Y Long Range CNY 309,900 -13%
Model Y Performance CNY 359,900 -10%


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