Tesla Model 3 and Y prices go up again

Ro, 02 May 2023

Tesla's pricing has been a roller coaster since the beginning of this year, with changes up and down constantly. The overall trend is still downwards, although the latest price change adds a few extra bucks to the Model 3 and Model Y prices in the US and China.

Tesla Model 3 and Y prices go up again

The good news is that the price hike is quite modest. Both models add $250 to their prices in the US and CNY 2,000 in China, which is around $290. Going by previous price changes, the European market will likely follow suit sooner rather than later, but we can hope the price increase is just as small.

It's becoming increasingly tough for someone to follow Tesla prices lately, but some believe that the current increase is used to signal to potential buyers that the bottom is in and buyers shouldn't postpone purchases more waiting for further cuts.



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  • Anonymous

The prices of all Tesla models in the UAE somehow got lower

  • DC

The Y model will have material upgrades, such as longer distance capacity (due to solid state larger battery), shorter charging time, and less screen controls on highly used functionality. The more times you reach the screen, while in motion, increas...

Since they have almost 10 000 unsold devices at stock this is really stupid. But since Tesla company and its founder Elon Musk are someone who cant be trusted i really dont care much. äIf they add 50% or more discount i would consider to buy. R...



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