Tesla releases 2024.20 software update with headlight and AC improvements

Max McDee, 04 June 2024

Tesla has begun rolling out its latest software update, 2024.20, to its fleet. While not a significant overhaul, the update packs several enhancements designed to improve the driving experience, particularly in hot weather and on winding roads.

One of the standout features is the improvement of Tesla's adaptive headlights. Vehicles equipped with matrix LED headlights can now adjust their beam pattern to illuminate curves in the road ahead. This should significantly improve visibility and safety when driving at night on twisty roads.

Tesla's 2024.20 software update: a brighter, cooler, and more entertaining drive

Tesla owners who live in warmer climates or frequently drive in hot weather will appreciate the car's air conditioning system improvements. When the AC is set to Auto, the cabin will cool down faster, and the system will better regulate the high-voltage battery temperature. This makes the car more comfortable to drive in high temperatures and enhances supercharging performance. Interestingly, Tesla notes that these AC improvements will result in quieter running climate control in the Cybertruck.

In a more playful addition, the 2024.20 update brings a new competitive element to Tesla Arcade, the company's in-car gaming platform. The popular Beach Buggy Racing game now allows players to set track records at Supercharger stations and compete against other players on a leaderboard specific to each station. It's a far cry from Steam-powered gaming, which is no longer available for new Teslas, but at least it'll keep the owners busy when charging.

Tesla's 2024.20 software update: a brighter, cooler, and more entertaining drive

These updates are part of Tesla's ongoing commitment to enhancing its vehicles through over-the-air software updates. As with all Tesla updates, the 2024.20 release will be rolled out gradually, so it may take some time before it reaches all vehicles.

While these improvements may seem incremental, they collectively make Tesla's electric cars more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe to drive. It is exciting to see how even minor software updates can significantly improve the driving experience.



Reader comments

  • montel1

Is this almost constant connection with the company's servers an advantage or a disadvantage for you? If the software crashes, do you still have the chance to run it?

  • Bailey79

It's crazy how technology is advancing so fast. Who would've thought software updates could make such a big difference in how we drive?



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