Tesla's FSD subscription is now 50% cheaper

Vlad, 13 April 2024

Tesla's Full Self Driving isn't, let's just establish that. The new name the company gave it is also comical - "Full Self-Driving (Supervised)". If it's supervised it's not self-driving, and especially not "Full" self-driving. So we'll just refer to this as FSD and move on.

Now that that's all out of the way, the FSD subscription service, that's currently only available in the US, just dropped its price by a whopping $50%. It used to be $199 per month, now it's just $99 per month. And this isn't just for new subscribers either - if you are subscribed, from now on you'll only be charged $99 each month.

It's unclear what prompted this abrupt price cut, but an important thing to note is that purchasing FSD outright when you buy your Tesla still costs exactly the same as before: $12,000. With the new subscription pricing, that price equates to having been a monthly subscriber for 10 years.

And since the average length of car ownership in the US is about 8 years, it really doesn't seem to make sense to go the outright purchase route anymore. Unless you factor in possible future price hikes for the subscription service.

Tesla is going to take the FSD subscription to Canada next and it's unclear if it will ever be offered anywhere else.


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