Three-pointed LED DRLs to become standard on all future Mercedes EVs

Max McDee, 15 September 2023

Mercedes-Benz, the luxury carmaker, has unveiled that its forthcoming electric vehicles will proudly showcase the three-pointed LED daytime running lights (DRLs) reminiscent of the Concept CLA, solidifying it as a definitive design trademark.

The Concept CLA’s new DRLs are not just any decorative touch; they are an embodiment of Mercedes-Benz’s vision for the future. Nestled within the circular headlights and the taillights, these LED lights will not be the sole preserve of the Concept CLA. Brace yourself, luxury car aficionados: these lighting features are gearing up to grace the next-generation CLA and three other compact models that will utilize Mercedes-Benz’s pioneering MMA platform.

Three-pointed LED DRLs to become standard on all future Mercedes EVs

And, in a rather illuminating twist, the Concept CLA paraded an ensemble of radiant graphics that will take the spot of the traditional front grille. An electrifying facelift, some might quip.

In a candid chat with reporters, Mercedes design mastermind, Gorden Wagener, provided insight into this thrilling evolution. He drew a parallel between the novelty of the DRLs and the familiar exhaust pipes, emphasizing the need to reinvent with the times. Wagener quipped, "Iconic elements like the new daytime running lights, the star - that's our new badge of honor. Think of it as the electric car's retort to the exhaust: we no longer need one, but who says we can't innovate?"

Wagener's words ring with a certain resonance. At a time when the EV market is witnessing a surfeit of somewhat generic designs, Mercedes-Benz aims to inject a bit of flair. Wagener expressed the brand's intent to carve out iconic EVs with a strong identity. And no, they're not settling for the commonplace. In his words, "Being iconic is our compass. Why blend in when we were born to stand out? We aim to break the monotony with standout features."

If you're wondering about the brand's commitment to this electric transformation, look no further than its recent CLA launch. Set to challenge the Tesla Model 3, Mercedes-Benz's new electric entrant will roll out as a 2025 model. And that's not all. This new EV will be the vanguard of the brand's models constructed on the Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA). Followed closely by its siblings, the next-generation Mercedes EQA and EQB.

Three-pointed LED DRLs to become standard on all future Mercedes EVs

Alluding to other luxury brands, Wagener highlighted Mercedes' unique design philosophy. "Every move we make is grounded in our ethos of central purity. It's a design language that exudes the opulence of brands like Chanel." A bold statement, but then again, Mercedes-Benz isn't known for its subtlety.

Mercedes-Benz has been making cars for over a century - Karl Benz patented the very first gasoline-powered car, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, in 1886. Flash forward to today, and the brand continues to lead and revolutionize the industry, now with an electric twist.



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