Toyota teases stylish electric sedan and SUV ready to take on Tesla

Max McDee, 25 November 2023

Toyota is expanding its electric vehicle offerings globally, and its recent showcase at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show in China turned heads. In partnership with China's state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), Toyota revealed a concept electric sedan known as the "Comfortable Space." While it's still a prototype, this stylish sedan provides a glimpse into Toyota's plans for the electric vehicle market in China, with production slated for 2025.

The "Comfortable Space" draws design inspiration from the bZ Sport Crossover Concept, a striking resemblance that adds to its appeal. The sedan features a distinctive front fascia with slim interconnected LEDs and sharp surfacing along its profile. Its coupe-style roofline extends nearly to the edge of the tailgate, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. What's more, the absence of traditional door handles and the use of mirror-replacing cameras contribute to its aerodynamic stance, further enhanced by the "air curtain" intakes on the front and rear bumpers.

According to reports, the electric sedan boasts a length of approximately 197 inches and a wheelbase of 118 inches. If these measurements hold true, the "Comfortable Space" could potentially compete with electric sedans like the Nio ET7, Geely Galaxy E8, and Luxeed S7, depending on pricing and specifications. This size places it in the same league as some of the leading electric sedans in the market.

The sedan wasn’t the only vehicle unveiled at the show - GAC Toyota also unveiled an electric SUV. The "Enjoyable Space" family-oriented SUV closely resembles the bZ FlexSpace Concept introduced earlier in 2023. It is expected to go into production in 2024 and boasts a length of 189 inches with a wheelbase of 114.2 inches. This makes it slightly longer than a Tesla Model Y, offering ample space for families and cargo. Chinese sources suggest that it will be available in both single and dual electric motor configurations, with prices starting at RMB 250,000 (around $35,000).

Both the "Comfortable Space" sedan and the "Enjoyable Space" SUV are set to be part of GAC Toyota's new "Bozhi" sub-brand lineup. This strategy aligns with Toyota's commitment to creating distinct electric vehicle offerings and expanding its presence in the Chinese market. Alongside these models, the locally-produced version of the bZ4X will further strengthen Toyota's electric portfolio.

Toyota teases stylish electric sedan and SUV ready to take on Tesla

Toyota's unveiling of the "Comfortable Space" electric sedan and the "Enjoyable Space" electric SUV at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show marks a significant step in the automaker's global electrification efforts. With impressive dimensions, sleek designs, and competitive pricing, these models are poised to make a notable impact in the Chinese electric vehicle market. Will we ever see any of those vehicles outside of China?


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