Toyota unveils Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China

Max McDee, 27 December 2023

Toyota, in collaboration with GAC-Toyota, has rolled out the much-anticipated Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China, marking the debut of the Bozhi sub-brand. Priced at a competitive $25,000 (RMB 179,800), this upgraded version of the popular bZ4X model aims to navigate the challenging Chinese electric vehicle market.

Measuring in at 184.6 inches long, 73.2 inches wide, and 65 inches tall, the Bozhi 4X is virtually a twin of Toyota's bZ4X, sharing the same e-TNGA platform. Sporting a distinctive hammer shark-style front face with multi-eye LED lights, it's an aesthetic blend of aggression and eco-friendliness, or so they say.

Toyota unveils Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China

Under the hood, the 4X packs a familiar 66.7 kWh ternary lithium-ion battery, mirroring the bZ4X, delivering a commendable 382 miles range by CLTC standards. And yes, they've added some connectivity flare with a 12.3-inch navigation system (trim-dependent) and support for popular platforms like Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife+, and HUAWEI HiCar, because everyone needs choices.

Wireless charging? Check. A versatile interior full of storage? Check. Plenty of physical buttons? Check. It seems like Toyota is ticking off a checklist for an electric vehicle, but the real question remains: Is it enough?

Toyota unveils Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China

Collaborating with Subaru, Toyota introduces the "X-MODE," a four-wheel drive off-road feature for EVs, claiming to enhance grip in adverse weather conditions with its smart creep mode. Safety is a priority, or so they assure us. The Bozhi 4X includes intelligent lane tracking, predictive driving mode, and a suite of safety technologies.

Now, the price breakdown. Starting at RMB 179,800, the base model, the 615 Air, boasts an 8-inch display screen, Toyota's smart cockpit, driving assist features, and connectivity. For an additional RMB 20,000 ($2,800), the 615 Pro throws in high-grade leather seats, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, a panoramic monitoring system, and more.

Toyota unveils Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China

If you want the whole shebang, the "four-wheel drive 560Max" offers advanced features like grip-controlled crawling mode, X-Mode four-wheel drive, smartphone wireless charging, and intelligent park assist. But, of course, that comes at a price - RMB 238,800 to be exact ($33,500).

Speaking of prices, Toyota's struggles in the Chinese EV market are no secret. With competitors like BYD and Tesla slashing prices, the giant from Japan has had a bumpy ride, with the bz3 electric sedan recalls being a testament to their challenges. Even with the earlier price cuts on the bZ4X, Toyota finds itself struggling to keep pace.

Toyota unveils Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China

As per the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Toyota's sales in China have witnessed an 8% YoY decline, while BYD's sales surged by 60%. The pressure to compete in a market where budget-friendly EVs like BYD Dolphin start at $17,500 is evident. Will the "upgraded" Bozhi 4X be the lifeline Toyota needs in these turbulent EV waters?


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  • Iphonix

What is going on with cockpit in Toyotas? It’s not following exterior design language. They need to change this ASAP.



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