Updated Tesla Model 3 spotted with new wheels

Max McDee, 23 February 2023

The project Highland is coming to an end, updated Tesla Model 3 test vehicles have been popping up all over the place recently suggesting imminent debut. We have seen the white Model 3 up close and personal with its new cameras and new suite of sensors and now we got a glimpse of a black test vehicle with new wheels.

The photos of this camouflaged Model 3 were posted by Twitter user The Kilowatts and yet again the front and the back of the car are completely covered. They are hiding the new hardware and slightly revised bodywork. What else is new? The wheels!

At first glance the wheels look scuffed and all scratched up but they actually are brand new wheels. They only have been painted in matte black paint to try and make their design less distinguishable when the car is moving. Unfortunately that trick doesn’t work on high-speed digital cameras.

What we have here is either a completely new wheel design from Tesla or an aftermarket wheel. The painting effort suggests it is Tesla’s own take on the y-spoke (or split-spoke) wheel design. While the classic design involves just straight radial y-spokes, Tesla threw the “turbine” theme into the mix for a fresher look.

For now the company is keeping quiet about the launch date of refreshed Model 3 but frequent sightings suggest we don’t have much longer left to wait. Project Highland was initially scheduled for launch in the second half of 2023 and if this indeed is it - then it seems to be on time.

The sightings of refreshed Model 3 coincide with the lately spotted upgrades on Model S and Model X. There is no doubt Tesla is gearing up to launch completely updated hardware and there is still a slim chance that Cybertruck will be the one to introduce the changes to the entire portfolio. Unless the company realized the ill-fated electric pickup truck is facing yet more delays and decided to launch Hardware 4 without it.



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