Volkswagen ID.2all's interior revealed

Max McDee, 22 December 2023

Volkswagen, once the pioneer of affordable electric vehicles, is desperately trying to disrupt the market with its future offering – the ID.2all. Priced at a modest $27,000 (for now it's just a promise), this budget-friendly electric car wants to challenge the stereotype that economical EVs compromise on space and features.

Volkswagen unveiled the ID.2all concept in March, introducing an electric car based on the new MEB Entry platform. This budget-friendly EV boasts a range of up to 280 miles on the WLTP cycle, thanks to its "particularly efficient drive, battery, and charging tech," according to VW.

Volkswagen ID.2all promises more space for less cash

Andreas Mindt, VW Passenger Cars head designer, highlighted the unique features of the ID.2all, stating that it provides a sneak peek into the future design language of Volkswagen. One notable change is the C-pillar design, reminiscent of the first Golf. The entire idea of the ID.2all revolves around the promise of the spaciousness of a Golf with the affordability of a Polo.

And now, we get to finally see the interior of the future super-mini from VW. Inside the ID.2all, a modern infotainment system with separate volume controls catches the eye. But the real surprise is the generous storage volume, ranging from 17.3 ft³ to 47 ft³iters. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3, often considered a benchmark in the electric car market, offers 19.8 ft³ behind the second row.

Volkswagen ID.2all promises more space for less cash

Mindt's recent images showcase the interior's versatility, with extra storage volume under the floorboard and seats that fold flat for more space. The design boss emphasized the rarity of finding such ample storage in a compact car like the ID.2all.

The ID.2all's infotainment and instrument cluster screens, measuring 12" and 11" respectively, reflect VW's commitment to a user-friendly experience. In an interesting move, VW is reintroducing physical buttons, including a rotary knob for switching driving modes – a nod to the "Classic" and "Vintage" modes inspired by the Beetle and Golf eras.

Volkswagen ID.2all promises more space for less cash

Despite its promising features, the ID.2all faces skepticism about its market arrival. Volkswagen plans to launch ten new electric cars by 2026, with the ID.2all production version slated for 2025. However, recent setbacks, including delays with the Porsche Macan EV and Audi Q6 e-tron, raise questions about VW's ability to be the first to market.

In a world where automakers are racing to meet the growing demand for budget-friendly EVs, Volkswagen's ID.2all shines with its combination of affordability, spaciousness, and innovative design. But 2025 is far away and VW is not exactly sailing through calm waters at the moment. The truth is - VW needs this car right now to stay relevant.


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The interior is really good. The ID.2all looks like a fine near-future replacement for my Zoe, because I'm not interested in the ugly Renault 5. I just hope that the €25k price tag is for a version with at least a 50 kWh battery.



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