Xiaomi electric sedan revealed in spy photos

Max McDee, 04 November 2023

As Xiaomi diversifies its technological dominion, its first foray into the electric vehicle landscape is beginning to take shape. Newly surfaced spy shots give automobile enthusiasts and tech aficionados their first glimpse into Xiaomi’s initial EV model. These images, originating from the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, show an electric sedan rich with modern design cues, despite its strategic camouflage and missing components.

Xiaomi electric sedan revealed in spy photos

The captured images of Xiaomi’s EV, shrouded in veils of secrecy until now, show frameless doors - a sleek touch for an elegant entry and exit - and hidden door handles that suggest a marriage of sophistication with aerodynamic efficiency. A notable feature is the charging port's placement at the vehicle’s rear, a decision likely driven by practical design considerations and user convenience. The Xiaomi logo, distinct on the door’s speaker, does not shy away from claiming its space in the automotive world.

The automotive ambitions of Xiaomi were officially unveiled to the public on March 30, 2021, when the smartphone titan declared a whopping investment of RMB 10 billion (approximately $1.37 billion) into the first phase of its automotive venture. Over the next decade, an investment totaling $10 billion is projected, signaling Xiaomi’s serious commitment to its automotive aspirations.

Xiaomi electric sedan revealed in spy photos

Xiaomi's auto industry blueprint includes establishing a significant footprint in Beijing. The plans are to construct a multi-functional headquarters, embracing sales and research & development (R&D), along with a manufacturing plant in Yizhuang designed to produce an ambitious 300,000 vehicles annually - 150,000 in each of its two-phased developments.

Despite the company maintaining a low profile regarding its progress in the EV sphere, Xiaomi has maintained a steady momentum, with plans for its pioneering car model to grace the production lines in 2024. Numerous leaks along the way helped the automotive fans to build a better picture of what to expect from Xiaomi's first EV - like the battery size or design details. In a vital step forward, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China gave its nod to Xiaomi for EV production, a significant hurdle given China's tightening grip on vehicle production qualifications.

Xiaomi electric sedan revealed in spy photos

This regulatory approval places Xiaomi as the fourth entity to receive the NDRC’s blessing since late 2017. Following this, reports from September suggested that Xiaomi's electric vehicle had entered a trial production stage, churning out around 50 prototype units weekly, indicating an earnest ramp-up toward full-scale production.

The speculation and suspense surrounding Xiaomi's EV are expected to clear as the company nears final approvals, potentially before the end of this year. Interesting to note is the strategic timing of Xiaomi's automotive venture, aligning with China's broader ambitions to lead the global electric vehicle revolution, and its pivotal decision to anchor its operations in Beijing.

Xiaomi’s upcoming EV promises a strategic blend of aesthetics and functionality, a hallmark of its product ethos, extending from handheld gadgets to now, potentially, the vehicles we drive.


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  • Janssen

Yet, there are no copyrights in chinese law present. So, everything what they do could be a copy of other designs or even industrial espionage. Until China respects other people ideas, will be IMO a big yellow thug.

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I think I prefer a car with wheels

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Huawei is literally having the best OS because it is not saddled by Google services and is ultra fast no matter the setting. I doubt you are serious... and obviously you can't install Google apps which makes it nkt very useful in a western audi...



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