Xiaomi patents automatic EV accident detection and response

Ivan, 03 November 2023

Xiaomi has won a patent with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration detailing crash detection and automatic responses.

Xiaomi patents for automatic EV accident response

The patent outlines how Xiaomi's upcoming EV will be able to categorize a crash as level 1 or 2 and then automatically contact someone.

The car will use three modules - Get, Determine, and Communication - to assess the situation. A level 1 accident includes a cracked windshield, damaged bumper, door or trunk, a fallen mirror, and so on. A level 2 accident includes cabin deformation, the vehicle being flipped, a fallen wheel, or deployment of airbags.

In case of a level 1 situation, the EV will send a text message to a preset emergency contact. If it's a level 2, the car will send a notification to the emergency contact and call the emergency service center. While in contact with emergency services, the car will reject any other calls. Once the call is over it will only accept calls from emergency contacts. If no intervention happens within a specific period, the car will attempt another call to emergency authorities.

A look at 3 pages from the 6 page patent A look at 3 pages from the 6 page patent A look at 3 pages from the 6 page patent
A look at 3 pages from the 6 page patent

The impressive technology will likely premiere on Xiaomi's upcoming EV - the Modena. The car will have a 101 kWh ternary (NMC) battery that weighs about 1,415 lb. It should provide about 497 miles range. The battery's energy density stands at 157 Wh/kg, and it should have 800V architecture.


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  • what

design on photo looks good for a sedan, they should make a mini suv with similar looks (citro├źn eC3 style), if they intend to export to west, like with gadgets..

  • what

isn't this already obligation in EU markets? they should make better crash avoiding and mitigating systems

  • Anonymous

did they patent the stop your car for 30 seconds ad playing?



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