Xiaomi SU7 interior unveiled in spy shots

Max McDee, 16 November 2023

Xiaomi's first electric car, the Xiaomi SU7 created some stir just yesterday. Xiaomi is taking a leap into the automotive sector, and the recent spy shots of its long-awaited first electric car SU7's interior have heightened the excitement.

The Xiaomi SU7, slated for mass production in December 2023, has stirred interest with its sleek design and advanced technology. The recently revealed photos offer a tantalizing glimpse into its interior, showcasing a sizable central control screen and a distinctively styled three-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom, equipped with two functional knobs. This blend of style and functionality underscores Xiaomi's commitment to integrating smart technology into its automotive design.

Xiaomi SU7 interior unveiled in spy shots

The SU7, a four-door, five-seater electric sedan, stands at 196.7 inches long, 77.3 inches wide, and 57.3 inches tall, boasting a wheelbase of 118 inches. It offers two wheel options, 19" and 20", with tire specifications of 245/45 R19 and 245/40 R20, respectively. The vehicle comes in two versions – one with LiDAR, installed behind the front windshield, and one without.

The SU7 comes with one of two powertrains: a rear-wheel drive (RWD) with a 220 kW motor and an all-wheel drive (AWD) with a maximum power of 495 kW (220 kW + 275 kW). The battery pack options are equally impressive, with an LFP battery pack from BYD for the more affordable trim and a ternary NMC from CATL for the higher-end model. The curb weight varies between 4,365 lb for the lower trim and 4,861 lb for the top trim, and the top speeds are 130 mph and 165 mph, respectively.

Xiaomi SU7 interior unveiled in spy shots

Another intriguing aspect of the SU7 is its in-car system powered by Xiaomi's HyperOS, an in-house developed operating system designed to power both smartphones and cars. This move indicates Xiaomi's strategy to integrate its expertise in smart technology with its automotive ventures.

Beyond its technical specs, the SU7 features some innovative functionalities, like a camera on the B-pillar, suggesting a face recognition unlocking system, and an ETC function that allows automatic toll payments on toll roads. The MIIT filings revealed the names of the three versions: SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max, some of which will feature an active rear wing, helping balance between low drag and good cornering.

Xiaomi SU7 interior unveiled in spy shots

The manufacturing of the SU7 is set to begin at the BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co. factory in Beijing, a facility that also produces Mercedes-Benz cars under the Beijing-Benz joint venture. BAIC, a significant player in the automotive industry, owns a 10% stake in Mercedes-Benz, indicating the level of expertise and quality that can be expected from the production of the SU7.

Xiaomi's foray into the EV market was announced in March 2021, with a commitment to invest RMB 10 billion (approximately $1.4 billion) into the project. The company registered the XiaomiEV.com domain in August 2023 in preparation for the launch of its new venture.

As we wait for the official launch of the Xiaomi SU7, its specifications, innovative features, and the integration of smart technology set it apart in the competitive EV market. Is it enough to carve out a decent slice of the EV market? Judging by the response from the public so far, it seems Xiaomi will be very busy trying to fulfill the orders in a timely manner.


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