Xiaomi's second EV will be an SUV coming by the end of the year, report claims

Vlad, 28 March 2024

Xiaomi's SU7 sedan had a very successful launch in China yesterday, but it looks like the company isn't resting on its laurels and is already working on the next model. According to a new report from China, citing unnamed sources, Xiaomi's second EV will be an SUV.

That in itself is hardly surprising - SUVs have taken over the world in recent years. What is more surprising is that the report goes on to claim that this SUV will arrive by the end of this year. That's a dramatically fast release pace, but of course it's something Xiaomi is used to from its smartphone business.

Xiaomi's second EV will be an SUV coming by the end of the year, report claims

Still, we'd advise you to take this with a pinch of salt, since it does seem a bit too fast for the car world, especially for a company that literally just launched its first model yesterday.

Then again, Xiaomi kind of does need to release an SUV sooner rather than later, since it's a very desired category. Most of its upstart Chinese competitors have in fact had SUVs as their first models - Nio, Li Auto, and XPeng come to mind. Even now, Nio and XPeng have a lot more SUVs in their rosters than other types, and Li Auto has only made SUVs so far.

Perhaps that's exactly why Xiaomi chose to first launch a sedan, in order to surprise people by not going the tried and tested route. But it will have to take that route at some point, so it may as well be what's coming next.

Xiaomi's second EV will be an SUV coming by the end of the year, report claims

The SU7 saw more than 50,000 orders being placed in the first 27 minutes after the order books opened, and we have no reason to doubt that a Xiaomi SUV would be at least similarly, if not even more successful, especially considering the company's penchant for delivering great specs for the price.



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  • Anonymous

When some country is labeled as bad guy, you should consider who labeled them as such. When the worse guys and proven liars (Asange proved it) say for someone that he is a bad guy, the truth is just the opposite...

  • Anonymous

You wanted to say It's not a good idea to buy a chinese car If you are from a "western" country.

  • S

China progressed very well in last decades. Although many don't like that country for some silly and some good reasons but they are really good on many things. Their population will enjoy the results.



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