XPeng teases its larger LiDAR-free electric sedan P7+

Max McDee, 10 July 2024

XPeng has officially unveiled the first photos of its latest offering, the XPeng P7+. This new model, previously known by its internal codename F57, is XPeng's boldest step yet in its short history and, arguably - the best-looking so far.

The P7+ represents a big change for XPeng in several ways. First and foremost, it's larger than its predecessor, the P7i, exceeding 197 inches in length. Bigger than the Tesla Model S it offers a more spacious interior and positions the P7+ as the most premium offering in XPeng's lineup.

XPeng names its larger and LiDAR-free electric sedan P7+

Perhaps the most notable difference in the P7+ is its abandonment of LiDAR technology. Unlike previous XPeng models, the P7+ will rely solely on vision-based smart driving solution, similar to Tesla's approach. This is a huge shift, and it signifies XPeng's confidence in its computer real-time analysis capabilities. It'll be interesting to see if any other manufacturers follow this trend.

The absent LiDAR sensors enables a more streamlined and aerodynamic profile are hinting at improved efficiency and performance.

XPeng names its larger and LiDAR-free electric sedan P7+

XPeng says the P7+ will be the culmination of a decade's worth of technological advancements. It aims to usher in a new era of intelligent EVs, and the company promises to push the boundaries of what's possible in terms of autonomous driving, connectivity, and overall user experience. These are bold claims, but we hear them all the time from every manufacturer bringing a new car to the market.

The P7+ is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of this year, following the launch of the XPeng Mona M03, the first model in the company's more affordable Mona lineup. While pricing details for the P7+ are yet to be announced, it's anticipated to cost more than the P7i, which currently starts at RMB 223,900 ($30,780) in China.


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  • Anonymous

Doesn't Tesla's FSD suck because it doesn't have LiDar? I'd rather have LiDar than run into walls like Teslas do.



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