Zeekr 009 MPV launches with CATL 140kWh Qilin battery

Max McDee, 02 November 2022

Zeekr 009 MPV just debuted, becoming the brand’s second electric vehicle and one of the first electric MPVs in China. The luxury brand of Geely is the first company to introduce the Qilin battery from CATL and the 009 MPV is its pioneer.

Two versions of the Zeekr 009 MPV are available initially - the WE and the ME, starting at RMB 499,000 ($68,560) and RMB 588,000 ($80,750), respectively. Both come with a dual-motor AWD system with 400kW of peak power (536hp) and 686Nm of torque, which results in a startling time of 4.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. This is a luxury MPV and it weighs close to 3 metric tons, not a two-seater sports coupe.

Zeekr 009 MPV launches with CATL 140kWh Qilin battery

There are two battery options - the WE version gets the 116kWh MCN pack, which according to CLTC delivers 702km of range - just over 436 miles. The more expensive ME version uses the new CATL Qilin battery with 140kWh capacity and CLTS range of 822km or just over 510 miles.

The CLTC testing regime is greatly optimistic and in real life these numbers will never be achieved but nonetheless, the expected range will be significant - especially if we take into account the size of this vehicle.

Zeekr 009 MPV launches with CATL 140kWh Qilin battery

The 702km range was very important for the company, the CEO used this result to highlight that Zeekr 009 MPV has more range than 99% of gas-powered vehicles with the 700km being the top result to beat. Again - it is a bit of a stretch on his part, but let’s not take away from the fact that the range of both models will be impressive.

The Qilin battery from CATL will be brought over to the Zeekr 001 model as well where it is expected to deliver more than 1,000 km of range. When that happens in the second quarter of the next year, the 001 will officially become the EV with the longest driving range in the world.

Zeekr 009 MPV launches with CATL 140kWh Qilin battery

The 009 uses the same ADAS system from Mobileye that the 001 is using. It consists of seven 8MP HD cameras, four 2MP surround-view cameras, one ultra-long-range mmWave radar and 12 ultrasonic radars. The system is operated by Mobileye EyeQ5H processor based on 7nm technology.

The interior offers luxury for 6 passengers with each getting an individual seat. The front and middle-row seats are fully reclining. There are folding tables for the middle row, there is a 15.6-inch screen suspended from the ceiling to provide entertainment on the go. The front screen is the same size and the driver has a dedicated digital instrument cluster.

Zeekr 009 MPV launches with CATL 140kWh Qilin battery

What we have here is an all-electric people carrier, together with sliding doors, captain chairs and glass roof. The luxury is unquestionable with leather upholstery, high fidelity sound system, individual air-con and many other comfort features. What is questionable is that giant chrome grille - but apparently some people do like it. The Zeekr 009 deliveries will begin in January 2023 and orders are already flying in.



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