2024 Chevy Silverado EV outperforms range estimates in real-world test

Max McDee, 05 April 2024

Chevrolet's Silverado EV RST promises remarkable range and it seems to actually deliver it. The first real-world test of the truck has shown results even exceeding initial range estimates.

The Silverado EV touts a class-leading range of 440 miles, and it looks to challenge the expectations of even the most skeptical truck enthusiasts. One recent road trip proved that the Silverado EV might be even more impressive than we thought.

YouTuber Zack Nelson of "JerryRigEverything" put a Silverado EV RST to the test on a trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix, covering a remarkable 460.2 miles on a single charge. Nelson's journey included a mix of highway driving, dirt roads, and city navigation.

The Silverado EV's extended range has significant implications for the EV truck segment. It offers a substantial advantage over competitors like the Ford F-150 Lightning (320 miles), Rivian R1T (400 miles), and the infamous Tesla Cybertruck (that is promising 470 miles with a yet-to-be-released battery option).

There is no secret when it comes to Silverado's range. The good-old adage "there's no replacement for displacement" has been adopted by Chevrolet to the EV era. The RST comes with the giant 200 kWh battery pack we already know from GMC Hummer EV, and weighs on its own a whopping 2,818 lb - that's 50 lb more than the Fiat 500e.

Extended range isn't just a convenience feature; it's essential for truck owners needing long-distance capability and those who frequently tow. Towing significantly decreases EV range, but the Silverado EV's substantial range offers hope that owners can still enjoy road trips with a trailer.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV outperforms range estimates in real-world test

Of course, with such advanced technology comes a higher price tag – the top-of-the-line Silverado EV RST carries an MSRP of $96,495 (including destination charge). Chevrolet is also preparing a more affordable work-focused model for fleet customers.

But even with 460 miles of range, it turns out you can still find yourself stuck short of a charger, as Nelson experienced when his test vehicle ran out of power a mere 100 yards from a charging station. Nevertheless, it looks like Chevrolet is delivering on its promises with the Silverado EV, and that's something to get excited about for EV fans and truck buyers alike.


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So over $100k just to drive over 450 miles? Are people insane?



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