Chevrolet Silverado EV RST 2022 -

  • 754hp
    All Wheel Drive
  • 200kWh
    Usable capacity
  • 4.5sec
    0-60 mph
  • 400mi
    EPA range

Announced 2021, January 05
Status Coming soon. Expected release 2024, Q2
Base price $ 105,000  
Power AWD 754 hp (555 kW)
Torque 785 lb-ft (1064 Nm)
Acceleration 4.5 sec 0-60 mph
Max speed 68 mph (110 km/h)
Capacity 200 kWh usable
Tech Liquid-cooled Li-ion 800V
Range 400 mi EPA
Recuperation Yes
Heat pump Yes
AC Charging 120V, 10-100% in 24 hours
240V, 10-80% in 12 hours
DC Charging DCFC 350 kW, 10-80% in 41 min
 PowerBase charging system: up to 10.2 kW of max power provided through 10 outlets
Type 4 door pick-up truck, 5 seats
Platform BT1
Dimensions 233.1 x 83.8 x 78.7 in (5920 x 2129 x 1999 mm)
Wheelbase 145.7 in (3700 mm)
Clearance 8.9 in (227 mm)
Suspension Automatic Adaptive Air, four-wheel steering
Wheels R18, R24
Trunk EU: 62.9 ft³
Frunk 10.7 ft³
Towing US: 10000 lb braked
 Multi-Flex Tailgate with power release (Fit items over 10 ft. in length)
Center 17" touchscreen
Driver's 11"
Head-up Yes
Seats Heated front seats
Roof Panoramic glass roof (fixed)
Parking aids Front and rear sensors, 360 camera, reversing camera
Connectivity Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Airbags Side airbags, front and rear, head airbag system
Driving aids Front radar, 2 rear corner radars, 1 front, 2 side, 1 rear cameras. Forward Collision Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Change Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Road Sign detection, High-Beam Assist, Driver Attention System, Vehicle Ahead Indicator, Trailer brake control with Hitch Guidance, Advanced Trailering System
Self driving
Crash tests

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  • tjayman

Do not believe it. All BS. Force X distance = weight X height = mgh as your payload increases but energy stays the same then your distance decreases. The farmer driving to the market pulling an empty trailer 300 miles arriving at the cattle market wi...

  • Anonymous

For the $40000 silverado EV WT , they are going to have a smaller battery with less range .

I find it very hard to believe a truck with a battery that costs at least $25000 to produce will cost $40000. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it. But I mean I just don't see it happening.

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