2024 Voyah Dreamer electric MPV debuts for royalty

Max McDee, 13 October 2023

Almost every day there's a new kid on the block when it comes to electric cars, but the 2024 Voyah Dreamer is one of the more unusual ones. Its designers claim it was inspired by Kunpeng - a colossal mythological bird - and it certainly has the size to back that up.

2024 Voyah Dreamer - an electric MPV for royalty

"Dreamy Moving Castle" is Voyah's three-word description of the Dreamer and it comes in EREV and fully battery-powered EV versions priced between RMB 330,000 and RMB 630,000 ($46,500 to $87,600).

The Dreamer EREV can go up to 147 miles on a charge, with the new generator with a claimed industry highest thermal efficiency of 45.18% can stretch that to 765 miles. In comparison the pure electric model can do 404 miles, but it won't be burning 5.36L of petrol for every 100km. Mind you, all numbers are in the CLTC test so you need to take them with a decent pinch of salt.

2024 Voyah Dreamer - an electric MPV for royalty

The total system power output is 420 kW (or 563 hp), torque stands 620 lb-ft, and the top speed is 126 mph. The zero to 62 mph acceleration takes 5.9 seconds. Yes, MPVs now do sub-6 sprints as we are clearly living in the best of timelines.

The Voyah Dreamer comes standard with an electric four-wheel-drive system, which is meant to maintain optimal grip on wet or snowy roads rather than off-roading. Adjustable air suspension combined with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) promises a ride that's more flagship sedan than MPV.

The company also claims to be the only new-energy MPV with a five-star C-NCAP certification, it's crammed with 23 hardware sensors and 14 active safety functions. Probably the most important bit - it holds the record for the shortest braking distance in its class at 1,409.06 inches. So, it not only goes like clappers but it stops on a penny as well.

Now, let's briefly touch on the aesthetics - there is no getting away from it. That grille is big enough to act as a garage door. But somehow, despite its sheer castle-like dimensions, Dreamer looks actually quite classy, especially in white.

On the inside you get a whopping 1.4-meter triple-screen setup and a plethora of smart features like an intelligent voice interaction system, super-precision gesture recognition, and a level L2.5 intelligent driving assistance capability.

Full-scene automatic parking and remote control parking functions mean the Voyah can sometimes fit in reasonably sized parking spots instead of needing to go back to the bus parking area.

There is a retractable rear panoramic sunroof, a trunk volume of 15.1 ft³ and a choice of four colors for the body: purple, black, gold, and white.


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