Stellantis teases 240 hp Abarth 600e

Max McDee, 11 January 2024

Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport have joined forces to create what promises to be the most powerful Abarth ever. Delivering 240 hp the upcoming Abarth 600e promises to handle like Abarth and it should be quick enough to put a big grin on your faces.

After the lackluster Fiat New Abarth 500e, it appears Stellantis has taken the second Abarth car more seriously. Built on the Perfo-eCMP platform the new Abarth won't be just a rebardged Fiat 600e.

240 hp Abarth 600e teased for the first time

The maker teases a new suspension system, and a unique limited slip differential specially developed for the needs of an electric powertrain. It should help deliver the power to the wheels effectively and likely suggests that the Abarth 600e will be most likely only a front-wheel-drive affair.

240 hp Abarth 600e teased for the first time

With 240 horsepower at its disposal, the new Abarth will also feature an improved braking system with larger brake discs with improved heat dissipation and upgraded tires with lower rolling resistance without sacrificing grip.

Inside the cabin - which we haven’t seen yet - we are promised seats with racing ergonomics, crafted from a combination of four different foams.

240 hp Abarth 600e teased for the first time

Every element is apparently refined to create a package that prioritizes fun, performance, and safety for Abarth enthusiasts. We need to take Abarth’s word for it until we actually get to see some more details.



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