$26,000 BYD Sea Lion 07 debuts

Max McDee, 13 May 2024

BYD has unveiled its latest offering, the Sea Lion 07, a midsize SUV packed with innovative features and a competitive price tag. This new addition to the vast BYD Ocean series is firmly set on challenging the Tesla Model Y's dominance, at least in China.

The Sea Lion 07's sleek and stylish exterior takes cues from the Ocean-X concept and shares some design elements with the BYD Seal.

The Sea Lion 07 is the first EV to be built on BYD's advanced e-Platform 3.0 Evo, an upgraded version of the e-Platform 3.0. It comes with enhanced Cell-to-Body (CTB) battery integration, which improves safety by bolstering frontal collision protection and passenger cabin deformation resistance.

The Sea Lion 07 has three powertrain options: two-wheel drive with either 230 kW or 170 kW electric motors and a four-wheel drive model with two motors offering a combined output of 390 kW. The single-motor models come with two battery sizes - 71.8 kWh and 80.64 kWh, resulting in a range of 342 miles and 379 miles, respectively. The dual-motor model provides a range of 342 miles with the larger pack. The fastest AWD version deals with the 0-62 mph acceleration in an impressive 6.7 seconds.

One of the most remarkable features of the Sea Lion 07 is its charging speed. It can charge from 10% to 80% in just 25 minutes.

In terms of driver assistance, the Sea Lion 07 is the first BYD vehicle to feature the DiPilot 100 "God's Eye" Advanced Driver Assistance System. The system integrates 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 mmWave radars, and 11 cameras to provide advanced Level 2 driver assistance capabilities.

Inside the cabin, the Sea Lion 07 offers a flat-bottomed steering wheel, fancy crystal gear selector, and physical buttons for essential controls. A 50-inch augmented reality head-up display enhances the driving experience. At the same time, the 15.6-inch central screen runs on the DiLink 100 system, powered by a 6nm chip for seamless voice control. Ambient lighting with 128 color options, a 12-speaker Dynaudio sound system, and a 220V power supply add to the impressive list of standard equipment.

With a starting price of RMB 189,800 yuan ($26,250), the BYD Sea Lion 07 offers a compelling package and it will be interesting to see if it ever makes it outside of China.


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Is it coming to US and how much is the price?



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