Hyundai accidentally reveals Ioniq 5 N's design

Max McDee, 11 July 2023

The official unveiling of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is this coming Thursday. The venue is all set at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the company has done pretty well so far feeding us only the details it wanted us to know, and keeping the rest secret. Until now. It seems someone at Hyundai's Australian division got a bit too eager. We guess they couldn't contain their enthusiasm about showing off their new electric track tool.

A sneak peek into Hyundai Ioniq 5 N design

Courtesy of our eagle-eyed colleagues from Motor1, we have a bunch of screenshots from a walk-around video posted by Hyundai Australia. The video in question was promptly removed once the world caught on to it, but it stayed up long enough for us to have a decent look at the very first electric N vehicle from Hyundai.

Splashed in a snazzy Performance Blue with a dash of red accents - a nod to its combustion-era ancestors, this electric hooligan is resting on hefty 21-inch, dual-tone wheels that wear 275/35 ZR21 tires. This spicy EV proudly flaunts red brake calipers emblazoned with the N logo and hugging what looks like performance brakes. This isn’t just a quick A to B electric car, the Ioniq 5 N actually is the first, and so far the only, EV that is meant to be taken to a racetrack - not just shopping and tree-hugging.

A wider body hides a wider track, accented with extra air intakes, glossy black side mirror caps, a robust roof spoiler, and vented rear fenders. The low-rider ground clearance hints at a much stiffer suspension setup - it’s got 'agile' written all over it. Plus, there's a rear diffuser playing hide-and-seek in the center fin, while boomerang-shaped vents add to the spice.

Stepping into the cockpit, you're greeted with a digital speedometer that looks ready to hit 186 mph - this isn’t an exaggeration, this is an intent. The N-themed infotainment system is primed with a few hidden gems, like the N Drift Optimizer, N Pedal, and N Race. Oh, and let's not forget the N Torque Distribution with a rear-biased setup - it's like having a little secret weapon under the hood.

The steering wheel trades in the typical Pixel dots for a neat little N badge, complete with its very own N button. Plus, a checkered flag pattern graces the pedals and side sills. And those sleek front seats? Those are proper racing buckets with a provision for a 3-point harness. Yes, you heard right. A racing harness in a production, family-friendly electric car.

As for the juice that powers this electric stallion, well, the video kept mum on that. But given Hyundai's track record, all the previous leaks, and Ioniq’s family ties with Kia EV6 GT, we're banking on a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup pushing around 600 hp. Throw in a high-density battery pack and some tech wizardry that will keep it cool while lapping Nurburgring if you wish, and we're in for a real treat.

While we wait for the curtain to officially rise, let's sit back, relax, and appreciate the bold statement that the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is making. It’s like Hyundai is whispering to us: "Who said electric couldn't be exhilarating?" It can - as long as you ignore the fake engine noises, and the completely unnecessary fake gearbox - the Ioniq 5 N is shaping up to be a proper track weapon. Who would have thought?


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  • Anonymous

I know this is lowered because it's a track vehicle, but I wish they would make a lifted rally car version. It would be an excellent homage to the Lancia Delta Integrale.



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