Aehra SUV comes with biggest screen ever fitted in electric car

Max McDee, 21 December 2022

Aehra, a young electric vehicle manufacturer located in Italy, has lately attracted considerable notice with the introduction of its sport utility vehicle (SUV), which does not yet have a name. However, that was just the premiere of the vehicle's exterior, which means that it is now time to have a peek inside this five-seat crossover vehicle with its wacky doors.

You've probably guessed that the inside is even more insane, and it's true. It is very hard to miss the single display that runs uninterrupted over the whole width of the dashboard when the combined butterfly/gullwing doors are propped open. However, despite the fact that it takes up an alarmingly large portion of the area in front of the windshield, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Aehra SUV comes with biggest screen ever fitted in electric car

This large screen serves two tasks, and as a result, it has two different settings. The majority of it is hidden away in the dashboard while driving, with only the section at the very top visible. This top portion displays the digital instruments and navigation information.

When the vehicle is parked, the screen may be extended to create what is essentially a large mobile office monitor or a home cinema system on wheels. Alternatively, a mobile conference room. It is important to note that this screen is not the only one in the dashboard.

Aehra SUV comes with biggest screen ever fitted in electric car

A smaller touchscreen is located below the main screen and controls the entertainment features. This is in addition to the instrument cluster on the rim of the steering yoke. Aehra claims that it is an homage to both racing cars and aviation, yet it looks a little like a Tesla with a yoke instead of a steering wheel. In any case, the design allows for an additional tiny screen to be mounted on the top yoke rim, which displays fundamental vehicle information like speed and range.

Because of the SUV's large wheelbase and its relatively short overhangs, there is plenty of legroom for both the driver and the passengers. The floor is entirely flat thanks to the EV platform, so passengers in the back seat have the flexibility to relax and spread out, which is very convenient for extended trips. The SUV will be available from Aehra with either four or five seats, depending on the customer's preference.

Aehra SUV comes with biggest screen ever fitted in electric car

There is no information about things like how much headroom there is, how big the screen is, or how much cargo space there is. An Aehra spokeswoman confirmed that the creation of a prototype will start as soon as suppliers and contractors for the different components are verified.

It is anticipated that this will take place towards the beginning of the second quarter of 2023. In the meanwhile, the fledgling company reports that it has attracted "significant private finance."

Aehra SUV comes with biggest screen ever fitted in electric car

In February 2023, if everything goes according to Aehra's plans, the company will present the design for its second vehicle, which will be a sedan. The deliveries to the customers are then anticipated to take place in 2025.



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