Another Cybertruck spotted with different front and giant wiper

Max McDee, 10 February 2023

Only a few days ago we were treated to photos of the Tesla Cybertruck beta prototype and that’s when, for the first time, we saw those triangular side mirrors. Today another photo emerged with, either the same or another unit of the Cybertruck being spotted and this one raises even more questions.

We talked about the mirrors already and it seems they are here to stay. But the enormous wiper is a new addition and while it makes more sense than the little ones we saw before, its size makes you do the double-take. It has to be the biggest wiper ever on a passenger car and it surely can compete with the ones we see on buses.

What is really interesting is the ground clearance. The truck in this photo appears to be raised - the gap between the top of the tire and the fender is at least 6 to 7 inches and yet the truck sits quite low. In fact it appears to be as low (if not lower) as the truck in the photos from last week - but that truck was riding low already. It’s hard to tell in this new photo if the Cybertruck is fitted with smaller diameter tires but that’s the simplest explanation.

There's a new addition in the front as well - the grille in the bumper is rather large and it is a far departure from the original design. Clearly Tesla encountered some battery cooling issues and opted for the easiest solution - more air flow.

It seems as if the closer we get to the long-promised mass production start date, the more corner-cutting is happening at Tesla. The wiper was never meant to be this large or in this position according to Elon Musk but it seems it is going to be a source of never ending jokes.

Another Cybertruck spotted with different front and giant wiper

We can expect to see more changes before the Cybertruck goes into production. The original design is so far out that it is a huge surprise that Tesla managed to bring it to production. It all has to do with safety regulations and traffic laws - it is actually a true credit to the company that it persevered in order to make the car that customers wanted.

Was it worth the effort though? Was it worth the delays? We won’t know until we see the actual Cybertruck on the road, we won’t know until we give it the try. This vehicle still can turn out to be the biggest flop of automotive history or its biggest success story. Let’s hope that this time next year we’ll have an answer to that question.



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I'm form Nigeria 🇳🇬 how can together because I'm helping people to buy car and sell car how can you help me please 🙏 I love ❤ all your car thanks you God bless you

Just like with Samsung. Elon Musk also fired all the design team and this is the r esult most iuigly car on the planet. Even the so called RATRODS looks a lot better.

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it's the gigawiper



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