Apple lays off Project Titan employees

Max McDee, 05 April 2024

Apple's journey into the automotive world came to a screeching halt, and the ripples of it are still being felt across the company. Many employees deeply involved in its secretive "Project Titan" car initiative have recently been laid off.

Apple's shift in focus has resulted in over 600 employees being let go. While most of the layoffs impacted staff involved in Project Titan some were working on microLED display development. Of those affected, at least 87 worked at a dedicated next-generation screen development facility. At the same time, another 371 were based in Apple's main automotive hub in Santa Clara, California. The downsizing extended to various satellite.

Apple never detailed its car aspirations. Industry insiders whispered of a revolutionary self-driving vehicle, fueled by high-profile hires from the automotive sector. Then came intriguing patents for vehicle technologies. Yet, despite significant investment and development efforts, Project Titan failed due to a tangle of technical setbacks and strategic uncertainty.

Apple lays off Project Titan employees

Apple isn't abandoning its automotive ambitions entirely. What likely lies ahead is a redirection of the expertise and insights gained from Project Titan, potentially finding its way into features for future Apple products and services. Some ex-Project Titan team members are reportedly finding new homes within groups led by Apple's AI heavyweight, John Giannandrea.

In another recent setback, Apple also pulled the plug on its quest to develop proprietary microLED displays for the Apple Watch. While these displays offer superior brightness and endurance than OLED, the manufacturing costs and challenges of scaling proved too significant.

But what's next for Apple? AI and robotics are taking center stage. This shouldn't be too surprising – after all, Apple CEO Tim Cook has hailed autonomous systems as "the mother of all AI projects." Apple's investment in the field is evident in its powerful chips optimized for AI processing, such as the latest A17 and M-series. These advancements lay the groundwork for exciting capabilities, with hints of major AI breakthroughs coming with the highly anticipated iOS 18.



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Well every country doont like Apple. Past few weeks they got so many sues to the court they would be very happy if they quit from the world and not even a stray dog will bark about them,.

There's apparently a local company specializing in microLEDs in my city. That company would likely benefit from new hires from the Project Titan layoff.

  • Anonymous

Yo think that was lame, MS purchased every single Driver number 0001 to till 9999 in Asphalt 9.



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