Apple parks its EV ambitions, shifts focus to AI

Max McDee, 27 February 2024

Apple has hit the brakes on its ambitious electric vehicle project. After a decade in the works, Apple's self-driving car plans have officially reached a dead end. After recent reports the company was at a crossroads with the project, the decision has been made to shift the focus to the AI, and cancel the car project.

The decision to scrap the EV project, known internally as "Project Titan" underscores the challenges faced by even the biggest tech giants when it comes to building a car, let alone a fully autonomous one. We can think of one tech giant that did manage to break into the EV world, though - and seems to be doing alright. Xiaomi SU7 has taken China by storm, and now it's spreading its wings in Europe, making Apple's decision to cut its losses probably a little bit more painful.

Apple parks its EV ambitions, shifts focus to AI

The news marks a major about-face for Apple. It was back in 2014 that whispers of "Project Titan" first emerged – a bold venture to design a state-of-the-art, self-driving electric vehicle. Envisioned as a sleek, futuristic machine with a revolutionary interior, the Apple car was to disrupt the automotive industry the way the iPhone had redefined smartphones.

But "Project Titan" proved a bumpy ride. Behind the scenes, Apple struggled to conquer the complexities of car manufacturing. Leadership changes, shifting strategies, and skyrocketing costs plagued the project. The latest blow came as Apple executives, concerned about thin profit margins, and the sheer expense of the undertaking, decided to shift gears.

So, instead of a sleek Apple-branded EV rolling out of showrooms, Apple will pour those resources into developing advanced artificial intelligence systems. The company's AI division, headed by John Giannandrea, is set to receive an influx of talent as the car project winds down.

Apple EV dream seems to be over Apple EV dream seems to be over

While exact job losses remain unclear, the fallout from this aborted launch will certainly have repercussions for Apple employees. However, those with expertise in hardware engineering and automotive design should have a range of opportunities at the tech giant.

Apple's decision to park its car project leaves the future of the "Apple car" uncertain, at least for the foreseeable future. It raises the question – is Apple merely postponing its ambitions, or has the company really given up on its electric vehicle dreams altogether? After all, the Project Titan has been cancelled before.



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