Chevrolet teases the Equinox again, this time showing us the inside

Vlad, 16 May 2022

Back in March Chevrolet teased the upcoming Equinox EV, and it did so in a manner that pretty much made it a semi-announcement of sorts. After all, we got official images of the car (granted, not many)!

Then again, details were (and still are) quite thin, but Chevy is continuing its intriguing teaser campaign with a new entry today in the form of the video you can see below. This time it's all about the interior of the Equinox.

It looks modern enough, and has some neat but possibly weird-in-an-EV little touches like the turbine-style climate control vents in the corners of the dash. The center console seems to have a large cup holder, and there are a number of controls at the base of the dash too.

In the middle there's a round dial with buttons. The center touchscreen is large and has narrow vents below it, while the digital driver information screen shows 48,211 miles on the odometer for some reason. On the passenger side, there might be some ambient lighting.

That's about all this video gives away, but fret not for Chevy has plenty of time to tease the Equinix some more. After all, the initial RS model will only launch in fall 2023, with the LT version following in 2024. The starting price is expected to be under $30,000.


Reader comments

  • Dolphins

I wish GM would offer a reasonable 2 door car. I'm not a 4 door car person. Also come with more color choice outside of the white, black, gray and the ugly dark red. I have been GM loyal but thinking about going to a Ford or Chrysler product. GM...

  • Anonymous

the only thing that is going to make it better is if it has a different motor in on my second equniox amd ive had the same issue with them both...a new motor put car has been at the shop for almost two months and have had to buy a $81...

  • Anonymous

This proves Mary Barra was right... "GM is the EV leader..." It has an interior, uniquely Chevy looking.


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