Electric Porsche Boxster spotted charging at Ionity

Max McDee, 07 February 2023

Electric Porsche 718 Boxster is on its way and the debut date must be approaching fast, considering the amount of photos circulating on social media. It seems Porsche gave up on trying to hide the electric Boxster and lets us enjoy every detail we manage to discover.

This time, courtesy of Twitter user electricfelix, we have first photos of the Boxster EV being plugged in and charging at a Ionity DC charger. We not only get a closer look at the car itself, but we get to see its charging performance - and it is impressive.

Electric Porsche Boxster spotted charging at Ionity

Starting with the front of the nearly un-disguised Boxster EV, we can see huge air intakes with what looks like active aero. It seems Porsche Boxster will be able to adjust the airflow to the front brakes and to the battery pack as needed.

We can just make out another air intake before the rear wheel - just as it is on its ICE sibling. For now it is covered with a piece of black plastic but it’s good to see Porsche retaining the classic mid-engine layout design clues. That air intake can be functional - it can provide cooling for the motors and rear brakes.

The rear bumper comes with its own air vents and fake exhaust pipe and for the first time we can see the rear lights in more detail. If those are the production items - if - it will mean a departure from the current iconic Porsche design and it will mean the Boxster will have its own light signature. What we see are two semi-circular light clusters, reminiscent of those from Chevy Camaro - a huge departure from the current designs.

Electric Porsche Boxster spotted charging at Ionity

We can clearly see the deployable rear spoiler sitting tucked away - unlike all the current designs that lift up when required, this one extends to the rear. It is slightly curved and when it extends, it points up - that way it pushes the air turbulence away from the rear bumper and introduces quite a bit of a downforce without the need for complicated mechanism and without obstructing the view.

The most important part though, is the charging socket in arguably the best location possible - right in the middle of the rear bumper. This simple, yet not that obvious to other manufacturers, solution ensures the charging cable can always reach the car, regardless of which side of the charger it is mounted on.

The final photo is just as exciting as the previous ones. We get to see the charging performance of the Boxster EV and it is showing some promise. The car’s battery is at 53% SoC and the car is charging at 177 kW. The Ionity display shows that the Boxster managed to take 27.2 kWh in 9 minutes and it is charging at 749V with a peak power recorded at 236 kW.

Electric Porsche Boxster spotted charging at Ionity

It’s hard to tell the battery capacity from that because the car could have been plugged in at any SoC but seeing 177kW at 53% suggests a very aggressive charging curve - that means short charging times. This supports our previous findings that the new Porsche Boxster EV is built on the new PPE platform shared between Audi and Porsche and will support the 800V architecture.

Electric Porsche Boxster together with its sibling Cayman, 2-door coupe, are scheduled for official unveiling much later this year. The production has been delayed due to the VW Group facing software issues and while the mechanical side of things is clearly ready, the UX department is still lagging behind.



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Why the fake exhaust? It seems beyond pointless.

  • Anonymous

Btw the rear bumper just behind the right rear tyre has got beaten quite bad. Some serious cracks or do I see wrong.


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