Lucid to go mainstream with $48,000 midsize electric crossover

Max McDee, 08 May 2024

Lucid, the luxury electric vehicle maker known for its high-performance Air sedan, has its sights set on the heart of the EV market. CEO Peter Rawlinson confirmed a target price of around $48,000 for the company's upcoming midsize crossover SUV, a bold move that pits it against Tesla's wildly popular Model Y.

Rawlinson revealed that despite initial estimates closer to $50,000, Lucid could make its new model even more affordable. With production slated for late 2026, we will see price changes. Still, Lucid clearly targets a much broader audience than its pricier Air sedan.

Lucid goes mainstream with $48,000 midsize electric crossover

Though the car itself remains a mystery for now, we can see the sleek lines visible under a draped sheet on the first teaser image released by the company. The photo suggests the affordable Lucid will have a crossover SUV form. This format is massively in demand, promising both spaciousness and the sleek style today's car buyers crave.

The stakes are high for Lucid, whose Air sedan boasts impressive specs but has yet to be the sales hit the company hoped for. This time, Lucid is betting big on this midsize contender and the upcoming Gravity SUV to turn sales around and position the brand for mass-market success. Rawlinson emphasized that slow sales aren't due to production bottlenecks but rather a need to boost awareness of Lucid's unique offerings. He's confident that once customers experience the cars, the sales will follow.

Upcoming Lucid Gravity Upcoming Lucid Gravity

The $48,000 target makes this mysterious Lucid contender a direct competitor to Tesla's Model Y and Model 3, as well as Rivian's upcoming R2 SUV, expected to start around $45,000. These rivals prove the mainstream EV market is far from slowing down.

But first, Lucid has to get its Gravity SUV into the customer's hands. This three-row family hauler promises a spacious, tech-filled experience, and it could be the perfect solution for the EV startup to bring more customers. Lucid's journey is fascinating to watch. Its mix of ambition and innovation could make it a major force in the electric car market – but they have to execute flawlessly on their ambitious plans.


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  • Anonymous

Share it—I'm curious!

  • Kurt Ha

The suspense is killing me - can't wait to see what this affordable Lucid SUV looks like under that mystery sheet.

  • Mr McCoy

How do you conclude it's a Ponzi scheme? Buying one of their cars can't realistically constitute fraud where what you pay go to previous buyers of Lucid vars without you getting your car.



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