Apple's electric car ambitions tipped to live on through Rivian partnership

Max McDee, 07 May 2024

Rumors are swirling that a partnership between Apple and electric vehicle maker Rivian could be on the horizon. While Apple's own EV project, known as Project Titan, was shelved earlier this year, supply chain sources are hinting at a potential collaboration with the plucky EV startup.

Apple has a vast treasure trove of technology developed for its EV project, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Rivian is getting ready to produce its next-generation R2 and R3 vehicles while contending with increased competition from industry giants like Tesla, who are also investing heavily in AI-powered autonomous driving.

Apple's electric car ambitions may live on through Rivian partnership

If the rumors prove true, Rivian could be the ideal partner to bring Apple's technology to the roads. This could give Rivian a significant boost in the self-driving tech race. The R2 and R3 models could potentially be equipped with Apple's systems, improving their autonomous driving capabilities and allowing Rivian to better compete.

Rivian is confidently charging ahead with its production plans. The young automaker recently secured a hefty $827 million incentive package from the state of Illinois to bolster its Normal facility's R2 output. After the Illinois expansion, Rivian plans to continue building its Georgia EV plant to ramp up R2 and R3 production there as well.

Apple's electric car ambitions may live on through Rivian partnership

Apple's decade-long foray into the EV world, though officially scrapped, may yet come to fruition. While the company reportedly nixed plans to build its own electric car, this latest report suggests there's renewed interest in the automotive industry. A partnership could mean applying that hard-earned EV knowledge without needing to build a car from scratch.

Supply chain sources point to the company as a likely candidate for a partnership. Exact details on what form this collaboration would take remain scarce, and it's ultimately up to Rivian whether they'd find such a deal enticing. Still, it seems Apple is actively considering its options.

The potential benefits for both sides are clear: Apple brings its tech expertise, while Rivian could receive valuable technical support and a potential influx of cash as they continue expanding production for their promising new models.


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