EVs conquer the clouds at Pikes Peak

Max McDee, 24 June 2024

The 102nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a grueling 12 miles race up a treacherous mountain, witnessed a historic feat as electric vehicles claimed numerous victories, setting new records and challenging traditional notions of automotive performance.

This legendary "Race to the Clouds," known for its thin air and challenging terrain, has always been a proving ground for cutting-edge technology. But this year, the electric revolution took center stage, demonstrating the capabilities of battery-powered machines in one of motorsport's most demanding arenas.

EVs conquer the clouds at Pikes Peak

Rivian, the American EV startup, shattered the previous record for production trucks with their R1T Ascend Quad Max, clocking in at an impressive 10:53.883. This achievement not only beat gas-powered competitors but also surpassed the time recorded by the previous version of the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Hyundai Ioniq 5N made a spectacular debut, securing the record for electric production vehicles with a time of 10:49.267. Although it narrowly missed the overall production SUV record, its performance was a testament to the brand's commitment to high-performance EVs.

In the modified category, the Ioniq 5N TA (Time Attack) model reigned supreme, outperforming even the modified Tesla Model S Plaid with a remarkable time of 9:30.852. This victory highlighted the 5N's superior thermal management, allowing it to maintain peak performance throughout the demanding climb.

EVs conquer the clouds at Pikes Peak

While the Rivian R1T secured the fastest time for an unmodified truck, it was Ford's electrifying F-150 Lightning "SuperTruck" that stole the show, achieving the day's fastest time of 8:53.553. Despite a minor setback early in the race, the SuperTruck's 1,400 horsepower proved too much for the competition.

The Pike's Peak International Hill Climb has always been a battle against the elements, with thin air and unpredictable weather adding to the challenge. However, the success of EVs in this year's event marks a turning point in the automotive industry, showcasing the incredible potential of electric power. As battery technology continues to advance and EV adoption grows, we can expect even more impressive performances from electric vehicles in future races.


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