Rivian R1T Quad Motor Max Pack 2022 -

  • 835hp
    All Wheel Drive
  • 149kWh
    Nominal capacity
  • 3sec
    0-60 mph
  • 400mi
    EPA range

Announced 2022, March 02
Status Available to order. Released 2022, Q4
Base price $ 89,500  
Power AWD 835 hp (614 kW)
Torque 908 lb-ft (1231 Nm)
Acceleration 3 sec 0-60 mph
Max speed 125 mph (201 km/h)
Capacity 149 kWh total
Tech Liquid-cooled Li-ion 400V
Range 400 mi EPA
Recuperation Yes, 2 levels
Heat pump Yes
AC Charging Type 1 11.5 kW
DC Charging CCS 200 kW max
 Vehicle to load (V2L)
4 120V onboard outlets
Type 4 door pick-up truck, 5 seats
Platform R1T
Dimensions 217.1 x 81.8 x 78.2 in (5514 x 2077 x 1986 mm)
Drag coef. 0.3 Cd
Wheelbase 135.8 in (3450 mm)
Clearance 14.9 in (378 mm)
Suspension Independent air suspension, up to 6.5 inches of vertical travel. Hydraulic cross-linking of the adaptive dampers.
Wheels R20, R21, R22
Frunk No
Towing US: 11000 lb unbraked
 Built-in air compressor
Center 12.3" touchscreen
Driver's 15.3"
Head-up No
Seats Heated and ventilated front seats
Roof All-glass roof
Parking aids 12 front/rear/side sensors, 360 camera, 11 front/side/reversing cameras
Connectivity Proprietary
Airbags 8 airbags: side, front and rear, head airbag system; front seats knee airbags
Driving aids 4 corner radars, 1 forward radar, 11 front/side/rear cameras, 12 front/rear/side sensors. Lane Change Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Trailer Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Highway Assist: Automatic steering, braking and acceleration
Self driving
Crash tests
 Active Safety Assist: Collision warning, alerts and preventative action. Automatic High Beams, Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking.

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I can't tell you how many issues I have had with my RIVIAN! Not to mention their customer service is abysmal and lacking. I spent six figures on a EV everyone said was great and here I am only driven 1200 miles needing a new vehicle as the issue...

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