Eyes on the road: BMW unveils ConnectedRide smart glasses for bikers

Max McDee, 08 July 2023

The future is calling, and it's equipped with a heads-up display (HUD). During the unveiling of BMW CE 02, BMW Motorrad showcased its ConnectedRide smart glasses, introducing a wearable tech marvel that bridges the gap between motorcycles and high-tech gadgetry.

Motorcycle aficionados have long known the thrill of the open road, but BMW's ConnectedRide smart glasses promise to amplify that experience. These innovative specs take the familiar HUD technology from our cars and bring it right into the rider's line of sight. With real-time updates on data like speed, navigation, and gear information, riders can keep their eyes focused ahead, making for a safer, more immersive journey.

Eyes on the road: BMW unveils ConnectedRide smart glasses for bikers

You might be wondering how this magic happens. The ConnectedRide smart glasses work hand-in-hand with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and a dedicated app. Riders can customize their projections and manage settings both pre-ride and mid-journey through the multi-controller on the motorcycle handlebars. If that isn't a dash of tech wizardry, what is?

These smart glasses come with comfort in mind, too. BMW has thoughtfully adapted the design to cater to the unique needs of motorcyclists. The smart glasses offer a snug fit with multiple helmet types and face shapes, ensuring comfort even on those long-haul trips. Plus, a robust lithium-ion battery allows for up to ten hours of operation.

Eyes on the road: BMW unveils ConnectedRide smart glasses for bikers

Now, BMW isn't just about practicality – they've sprinkled in a touch of style, as well. The ConnectedRide smart glasses package includes two sets of certified UVA/UVB lenses. Depending on your needs and the sun's cooperation, you can switch between an 85% transparent set and a tinted pair, essentially making these smart glasses a snazzy pair of sunnies, too.

If you're a glasses wearer, you might be thinking, "Are these tech wonders a no-go for me?" Not to worry! BMW offers an RX adapter to accommodate most prescriptions, meaning you won't be left squinting in the rearview mirror.

Eyes on the road: BMW unveils ConnectedRide smart glasses for bikers

The ConnectedRide smart glasses made their debut during the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin on July 7, 2023. These tech-enhanced spectacles come in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit, can pair with the BMW Motorrad Connected App via Bluetooth, and feature an integrated light sensor. Packed with all these features, you might expect a hefty price tag. However, at a recommended retail price of $740.40, BMW makes the future of motorcycle riding accessible without breaking the bank.

So, as the line between our vehicles and wearable tech continues to blur, BMW's ConnectedRide smart glasses provide a tantalizing glimpse into what could be a new era of motorcycle riding. While it's crucial not to get swept up in the tech-induced euphoria, it's equally important to recognize the potential these specs hold for enhancing safety and comfort for riders worldwide. It may not be a teleportation device, but in the world of motorcycles, this innovation is a noteworthy leap forward.


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