Ford delays electric Explorer debut in Europe

Max McDee, 11 August 2023

Hold your electric horses, Europe! Ford has decided to pump the brakes on the launch of its Explorer EV in the region, and it's going to be another six-month wait. While the initial excitement from the automaker's announcement had many eagerly anticipating its debut in early 2024, it seems patience will be the name of the game for a while longer. As we all know, in the automotive world, good things come to those who wait, right? (Well, we'll find out.)

The Explorer EV, crafted on the foundation of Volkswagen's MEB platform, was on the brink of commencing production after the summer holidays at Ford's brand-new Electric Vehicle Center in Cologne. It had its grand opening just in June 2023, and the workers in Cologne had been eagerly preparing for the vehicle's launch.

Ford delays electric Explorer debut

However, here's the plot twist: new global safety regulations for drivetrains are causing a bit of a hiccup. While the specifics of these "global safety rules" have been a tad elusive, what's clear is that Ford is keen on complying, even if it means a little delay. And if the good word from Kölnische Rundschau (a local daily) is to be believed, Ford had a heart-to-heart with its Electric Vehicle Center staff, letting them in on the decision to postpone the release.

The European Union is gearing up to enforce additional assistance systems for all cars starting in 2024. With Ford going for global compliance, maybe they're onto something. It's like ensuring your new yacht meets international standards before setting sail. Sure, it's a tad inconvenient, but better safe than sorry.

Ford delays electric Explorer debut

And for those of you who've been eagerly tapping your credit cards against your screens since the model's big reveal in March 2023, fear not! The European debut of the Explorer EV is still on the horizon, albeit a few months behind schedule.

Details of the SUV's powertrain? We know that Ford is riding shotgun with Volkswagen for some components, but the finer details of this partnership and what it brings to the Explorer EV table remain sketchy. There will be three versions initially available - SR with 55 kWh battery pack good for 221 miles of range, LR with a larger 82 kWh pack and 336 miles of range, and finally, the range-topping Performance model with 335 hp AWD powertrain backed by the 82 kWh battery. Quick DC charging times are part of the parcel – going from 10% to 80% in about the time it takes to watch a sitcom episode (sans commercials). And for those who've got euros burning a hole in their pockets, the starting price tag will read under $48,300.

Ford delays electric Explorer debut

Europe might have to curb its enthusiasm for a tad longer, but Ford's electric dream for the continent is far from over. The Explorer EV promises to be worth the wait, and while the reasons for the delay might remain shrouded in a bit of mystery, we can safely say the wait will (hopefully) pay off.


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